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A winter walk around my town

February 14th, 2021 Hiking A bridge during sunrise in a winter landscape

Today was the first day the temperature reach above-zero-Celsius after a seven day freezing period. We really had winter for a week, and we all enjoyed it as much as we could.

I planned a walk for yesterday, but since we wanted to ice-skating (yes, on natural ice) I postponed the walk for a day.

At about 10 minutes past 7 in the morning, I left my home, and started walking. I planned a trip of 30km. See the tweet below.

Screenshot of tweet 1360826510198898692 where I share the map of my planned walk.
Screenshot of tweet 1360826510198898692 where I share the map of my planned walk

After witnessing a magical sunset, walking in the snow, between people ice-skating on natural ice for the first time since about 9 years was really special. I’m posting this on my blog, because I want as many of you to experience what I saw. Sure, these are just pictures, but you can get a sense of how it was.

Picture gallery

Here’s the picture gallery, I hope you enjoy the pictures! The complete route can be found below the pictures.

Strava route

Here’s the complete route on Strava:

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