This year, 2015, I will start working more outside of my home office. You might ask yourself, why? Well I will explain here.

Why am I doing this?

Working from home is awesome, it really is. No alarm clock to wake me up so I can get in a traffic jam, flexible working hours, no people around that can distract me, etc etc. Of course working from home has as much disadvantages as it has advantages, isolation, distraction by home-activities (yes, I sometimes do some housecleaning) and no real begining and end of the workday (yes honey, will come down for dinner after I commit my latest changes).

I want to experience what happens when I work remote. Will I meet new inspiring people, will I be more/less productive, will it make me happier? All things I will blog about when I’m in my new flow.

What locations will I be working at?

I don’t have a clue yet. Since I live in the Rotterdam area, I will be looking for locations that are in this area, require no subscription and preferably reachable by public transport. The reason I don’t like to have a subscription is because I want to explore as many places as possible. The first location is going to be Het Nieuwe Kantoor in Rotterdam. I’ll be there on Wednesday January 21st.

Let me be clear, I will keep working from home, because I love it, and our dog Grover needs to go out during the day. I just want to explore the possibilities and results from working ‘outside’ one day a week.