Selecting a good hosting provider for your project is often experienced as difficult. Which one is good (and what does good mean in hosting terms), which plan suits the best for your project, what are the costs, are some of the questions you can ask. But what are the really important questions that you should ask?

Questions to ask your new hoster

  1. Is it possible to have contact with people (not only a knowledge base/FAQ/chat bot) if I really need help?
  2. Can I be helped with migrating my existing project to your platform?
  3. Can I get an explanation of how you ensure my project is secure?
  4. How many people work in the support department? What happens if I have problems with my website at night?
  5. If my website grows, how easy is it then to let the hosting plan grow with it? Does my website have to be moved then, or does it involve downtime?
  6. If my website gets hacked, do you have backups of my (still clean) website?
  7. Can I start a webshop on your platform? What do I need to buy more?
  8. Can I set up certain things myself? Is there also a package where this is not necessary/possible?
  9. What versions of PHP do you support? What is the update frequency?
  10. Do you know when my website is slow or hacked, or do I have to find out myself?

How do you use these questions?

The above questions are not technical questions. The point here is that based on the answers, you get an idea of the hoster and can determine if you are satisfied with the answers and if it fits the needs of your project.

The choice for the right hoster can only be made by yourself, let this questionnaire guide you.

Cover image by Jordan Harrison.