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Open letter to DonateWC

January 16th, 2024 WordPress Community Image of three air mail envelopes

Dear DonateWC,

I trust this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as a concerned supporter of DonateWC and reaching out with the hope of receiving an update on how my donation has been utilized and the impact it has made.

In 2019 I have donated €8590.26 to your organization, driven by my passion for the impactful work you do in the WordPress Community. This donation was a result of a charity walk I did, Walk to WordCamp EU in Berlin.

I really believe in the mission of DonateWC, a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands that offers travel sponsorships for WordCamp speakers and volunteers who can't afford it, and in the positive change it strives to bring about. The Covid pandemic has postponed in-person WordCamps for two years, but since the start of 2023 five major WordCamps have been organized.

Since the latest update, dated December 2020, I have not received any reply or updates on several requests I have sent regarding the projects or initiatives my contribution may have supported. I have also sent a registered letter, one that has to be signed for upon reception, which was received and signed for on December 19th, 2023.

Understanding the challenges that organizations like yours face in managing donor relations, I sincerely appreciate the hard work and dedication of you and your team. Nonetheless, as a donor who values transparency and accountability, I believe it is crucial to maintain open lines of communication.

I am eager to learn more about the progress made, achievements reached, and any challenges encountered since my contribution. I believe that sharing these details will not only strengthen the bond between your organization and its supporters but also showcase the positive impact of collective efforts.

I kindly request that you provide me with an update at your earliest convenience. Whether it's through an email, direct message on Slack or Linkedin, or any other means of communication, I am eager to hear about the positive changes that my donation may have facilitated.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I appreciate your dedication to making a difference with DonateWC.


Marcel Bootsman

Update January 22nd

I have received an email message form the DonateWC foundation owner. I have asked for a return of my donated funds, so that I can donate that to another charity or multiple WordPress oriented charities.

Update January 25th

Today 70% of the funds I have donated to DonateWC have been returned. I have asked for an explanation of why 30% of the donated funds have not been returned.

Update February 3rd

Today I have received an answer from the charity owner that I will get an email on Monday about more details of the financial transactions of the foundation. 🤞

Update February 7th

Bank statements received.

Update February 9th

I have asked the owner to share a message on the site that the foundation is being shutdown, and to remove/disable the donation form.

Update March 3rd

The DonateWC site has been updated to inform visitors it has been shutdown. I have donated the remaining funds of €5673,52 to PHP_CodeSniffer. More info can be read in the 2024 update article I wrote on

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About Marcel Bootsman

Marcel discovered the web in 1995. Since then he has paid attention to and worked with lots of technologies and founded his own WordPress oriented business in 2009.

Currently Marcel is Business Development Manager Dutch & DACH Markets at Kinsta where he helps Kinsta's client base grow with Managed WordPress, Application, Database and Static site hosting.

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