A README about me.

I know README files about software. They tell the user what the software does, how it works, how to contact the authors, etc. And now, there are also personal README files, as I learned from Nathan Bliss.

So, here’s my README. Initally intended for my co-workers, but hey, it might be informative for everybody that finds this.

When do I work?

I work 5 days a week, with a bit less working hours on the Mondays. Usually available for work between 9AM and 5PM. Yes, that sounds like a 9-to-5 mentality. Mind the word usually. Because of private reasons there might be days where this work schedule is totally different.

My Slack status is a good indication to see if I’m working, but it’s not a solid indicator. If you want to know if i’m available, just ping me. On Slack, Signal (if you have my mobile number), Mastodon or email. Check my contact details here. Just realize, that when I’m not working, or in a meeting, I might not respond instantly.

How to contact me?

If you need to contact me, this might be helpful:

  • Basically, Slack is always the answer. If you send me a message outside working hours, and I read it, I can easily set a reminder so I can get back to you, or help you right away.
  • For online meetings I like to use Jitsi or Google Meet. Please schedule meetings 2-3 days in advance, and use my calendar (if applicable) to find a good moment.
  • You can call me on my mobile if you _really_ need me to respond within the minute.

I have some notifications set up, but mostly all notifications are disabled. So, no need for you to worry if you can send something in the middle of the night.

Need things done?

If you want/need me to do something, just ask.

How to ask me to do something

  • Be clear.
  • Be descriptive and don’t leave out any necessary details.
  • Give me a timeframe, so I can plan the task.
  • Respond to any questions I have.

Personal information

  • I Live in Berkel en Rodenrijs in The Netherlands. Go ahead and find it on the map here.
  • I have a dog named Grover
  • Musical preference is mostly electronic, Deep House, a litte bit of todays pop, etc. Take a look at my SoundCloud profile to see what I like.
  • I’m a fan of wine. Doing a yearly winetrip with friends to taste (and buy) special wines. So if you need any tips for a wine to accompany your steak tonight, please let me know.
  • Absolutely no room for facebook, meta, whatsapp, instagram (and related companies) here.
  • I post pictures on pixelfed.