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Why this picture makes me happy

June 8th, 2015 Family Personal Son in a field, within a two sections of reed

Today, I posted this image of our son. After posting it, I realized this picture really makes me happy. I’ll tell you why.


This weekend was a weekend of freedom. Freedom to have scheduled appointments. Freedom to do what we like, when we like it. So we went on a tiny little trip, rented a rowing-boat and got away. Just the four of us. My wife, our son, our daughter and me. We brought sandwiches, drinks and had little picknick in the boat. We anchored the boat on a location where no other people where and climbed out of it. We ‘landed’ in a freshly mowed stretch of grass, ran down the hill an had fun for just a few minutes. Our son decided to walk up again and right at that moment is saw this picture in my head. So I grabbed my phone and took the picture. This picture really captures how we all felt yesterday. Free.


We had a nice day with the family and although the kids got a little cranky at the end, they were happy too, just tired of a great day, together with their parents. This is, in my honest opinion, what happiness is all about.

I just wanted to share with you how happy and proud I am to be part of this great family.

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