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About me

Hi! My name is Marcel Bootsman. This is my personal site on which I share some of my thoughts and experiences about my work, private life and everything in between. Also you might find some technical content here about Open Source, Web development, WordPress and Hugo (powering this website since October, 2022).

Professional biography

My current role, since April 2019, is Marketing Manager Dutch Market for Kinsta.

The journey of my professional life started in 2000, when I worked for IBM and was involved in developing a web version of a legacy terminal-based equipment ordering system. After about 9 years, and a diverse number of roles within IBM, the challenge of running my own company became so strong that I could not ignore it anymore.

In 2009 I started I started building websites with WordPress and became familiar with developing themes and custom plugins. Within a year of running my own company, I joined the WordPress community by volunteering. Organizing WordCamps (WordPress centric events) and helping out with translations in Dutch were, and are still, some tasks I really like to do.

Again after about 10 years (do you see the trend here?) I got to think about the status of my company during a walk from my hometown to Berlin for WordCamp Europe 2019. Soon after that event, I made the decision to stop my work at, and work for Kinsta.

Marcel Bootsman

Latest blogs

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A 2022 update from me

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A bridge during sunrise in a winter landscape

A winter walk around my town

Read about my 30.5km winter walk around my town, Berkel en Rodenrijs. I made a lot of pictures, so come and take a look.
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Latest notes

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How to connect bluetooth headphones automatically in Ubuntu

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Here are some of my online profiles. Please feel free to reach out to me for a talk about WordPress, hosting, or any other topic.