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Hi! My name is Marcel Bootsman. This is my personal site on which I share some of my thoughts and experiences about my work, private life and everything in between. And possibly some stuff about WordPress.

Marcel Bootsman

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  • Why this picture makes me happy

    Today, I posted this image of our son Noam. After posting it, I realised this picture really makes me happy. I’ll tell you why. Freedom This weekend was a weekend of freedom. Freedom to have scheduled appointments. Freedom to do what we like, when we like it. So we went on a tiny little trip, […]

  • Leaving the home office, one day a week

    This year, 2015, I will start working more outside of my home office. You might ask yourself, why? Well I will explain here.

  • WordPress logo

    WordPress makes me, and a lot of other people, very happy

    This past weekend, WordCamp Europe 2014 was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. A great event which underlines what makes the WordPress community what it is today. In this post I will try to share my story with WordPress, and how it got me happier.

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